I love to be creative...interior design is my passion.
This is me & these are my thoughts on what inspires me.
  1. Feels like Home
    04 Nov, 2016
    Feels like Home
    Ok.. so I'm holding more workshops in the coming weeks. (yay for Broomies). One of the workshops will be about decorating for the people who rent their home. I've been doing a little research online on this topic and you know what, a lot of the stuff online, although useful, implies that living in a rental property is a temporary and budget thing, with some sites even suggesting using cardboard furniture! REALLY! Let me just say that no matter what your living situation it's only temporary if
  2. Free Your Mind
    21 Oct, 2016
    Free Your Mind
    Your home is your sanctuary & should be filled with things you love, things that reflect your personality. It should be a place that you & your family feel proud to call home. Creating an interior can be like telling a story. Like any story you need the foundations first & you then build on top of that. Something that most of us are guilty of is, not being completely free with our styling choices. Aside from the obvious restraints like cost, availability, practicality & husbands!, reality is
  3. confessions of a shopaholic
    10 Oct, 2016
    confessions of a shopaholic
    So with the ever growing popularity of online shopping, is the bricks & mortar store dying?
  4. Employees Come First
    30 Sep, 2016
    Employees Come First
    I admire Richard Branson. His approach to business, people & life is an inspiration to me. One of his philosophies is "employees come first... if you take care of your employees, they will take care of clients".
  5. a lounge illustration drawn up in my early collage days....long time ago
    21 Sep, 2016
    Not just a cushion thrower
    "Wow that must be so interesting. You must have a knack for picking colours....I've always wanted to do that"
  6. First "blog"
    16 Sep, 2016
    First "blog"
    "Giving up on your dreams because of a setback is like slashing your other three tyres because one went flat."