We believe that homes should be designed from the inside out to suit you &  your lifestyle. 
Interior design for homes is more than simply picking furniture, accessories & colours. It's about creating an environment to suit lifestyles. We explore structural & decorative components to shape the way your home functions & feels.  
With the vast amount of information available at your fingertips, you may have an idea of what you want & need, however putting all your ideas together can be very overwelming, confusing, time consuming & sometimes costly. 
By hiring Gueeka Interiors, you are essentially paying for a second, fresh pairs of eyes. We effectly do the hard work & research for you, by editing the options. Whether you are building a new home, renovating or just seeking "spruce" up advice, we can assist you in co-ordinating all the right ingredients. We source the best products, fixtures & fittings to suit you style, needs & budget. 
Having a qualified professional interior designer on your side means you can confidently create smart living spaces, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you want. So relax, we've got this.
Selecting everything for your home interior can be a daunting task for many, however Gueeka Interiors will ensure this process is easy & straight-forward, so that you can relax & be excited about your choices. 
We offer many services that can assist you to customised your home.
interior & exterior colour consult:
Colours convey moods & create atmosphere.  Every colour has an element of a primary colour in it  & placing certain colours together can affect how each appears. We confidently apply matching combinations to suit your furnishings & surroundings. 
new home consultations:
Being engaged early in the project (prior to plans being developed) allows us to design functional room solutions, that can lead to crucial design decisions.  If you have plans, we can suggest alterations & advice on floor coverings, finishes & paint colours. 
finishes & materials selections:
With the vast amount of different finishes & materials availble in today's market, why be limited to the same ole. Combining different textures gives your home character & depth. With our extensive knowledge we can help you mix it up & bring your interior from bland to fab.
kitchen &  bathroom designs
Like a commercial kitchen, a residential 
kitchen must be functional above all things. 
Our kitchen & bathroom designs take function to the next level, by anticipating room layout & applying a modern approach to the design, plans & cabinetry details. 
​The right size & style of furniture can influence the way your space appears & feels. We provide advice & competitive prices on furniture selections to fit your space, taste & needs. We can also custom design built in features to suit those useless nooks & cranies. 
Renovating improves how your space is utilised, taking into account structure, function & the decorative aspects in the most cost effective way.  If you’re considering renovating you must have a plan & budget to prevent blowouts.